Projects for You

There are many ways that we can be environmentally conscious and take proactive measures to reduce our carbon footprint! Spreading awareness of environmental movements and goals, or just throwing that bottle in the recycling bin, are easy ways to start. For Students looking to make an impact in their local community, we have prepared programs that can be easily replicated in your community. We hope you not only take these initiatives to heart, but to your city council, and work to improve the planet! Email us at to learn more about how to implement initiatives in your town or city - and we will be with you every step of the way!


Smart Cities

With the rise of technological innovation in coal mining came a boom in the economy whose waves we still feel today - with data mining we have entered a new era of informatics. With inefficiencies spread across government program sand cityscapes close between, technology is perhaps more able than ever to raise the efficacy of our coordination. What does a more coordinated city mean? Less waste water, energy consumption, wait times in traffic, and more; a healthier city atmosphere with a smaller carbon footprint and more fluid and dynamic system.

Food Waste Information

Community compost bins, food reduction and recycling programs, consumer education campaigns, and greywater petitions are just a few of the ways that we can reduce the amount of food waste that our locale produces each year. Onboarding projects like the ones sponsored by nonprofits such as ReFED and WasteNoFood.Org are great ways to introduce this kind of eco-mindedness to our communities, by getting community members to reach out to local restaurants and ask them to donate their excess food to local charities, like soup kitchens. 


Disposable Water Bottles

Perhaps one of the most iconic and easy ways to take part in the battle against environmentally detrimental waste are reusable water bottles. A simple way to take part in the sustainability movement, reusable water bottles both remove harmful plastics from landfills and entice more healthy drinking throughout the day!