Almost as if right out of an action movie, the journey will be a great way to gain media coverage for both The Tangency Foundation and the Whispering Wishes Foundation. With a larger audience, we hope to spread our message farther and wider than ever before.

The journey commences from Lima, the capital of Peru, on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. The team will be staying at Lima for about a fortnight finalising logistics, buying provisions, finalising guides, getting the required permits and carrying out last minute checks of gear and equipment. They then travel by road over 700 odd kilometres through the Andes mountains, over three or four days, to reach Atalaya, where the expedition actually begins.

The route from Atalaya to Belem, Brazil, is divided into four sections -

• the Peruvian section,
• from the entry into Brazil to Manaus, the largest city on the river,
• Manaus to Santarem, and
• Santarem to Belem and the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

The 6,000 odd kilometre journey is likely to take more than 100 days. They will be camping out on the river side in the company of a third of all creatures that walk this planet, including crocodiles, caimans, mosquitoes, the world's largest rodents, the world's biggest spiders, tarantulas, monkeys, eagles, and a host of other creatures which are yet to be identified.

The trip plan as currently organized through OTA Survival School.

The trip plan as currently organized through OTA Survival School.