Tomer Zilbershtein

The Tangency Foundation

Executive Director

I like to think of myself as the intersection between goal-oriented and curious, staying steadfast towards my objectives though taking care to notice the quirks that give rise to field-changing questions. I voice my opinions with professional courtesy, and I love to work as part of a team. I believe that team-building exercises add additional dimensions to problem analysis and that with time and patience, a good team can only get better. I would state my thinking as axiomatic, yet extremely tangential - a combination I have used to craft perspectives that enable me to think creatively and quickly, a quality that I have made use of throughout my work.

Looking back on my life, I see a connect-the-dots drawing. Way back when, merely dots, scattered across my early pages, danced around in my vision without any meaning or purpose. I discovered writing late into my middle school years, after never having touched a pencil outside of the classroom. I began to understand the power of writing and how it could change my life, and soon I would discover how it could change many more. I was also an avid reader, hooked onto stories of travel and adventure into the far unknowns of the world. I was particularly interested in the travels of Percy Harrison Fawcett, and for the longest time I had dreamt of traveling in much the same way. He had fought for the social equity of the natives he encountered, and, for what had long been a dormant desire, I am now realizing the call to action.

During my research for the