Albert Leonard

I like to consider myself a team player; i can get along well with others. On top of that I can “go with flow” and can remain unshaken when need be. Additionally, I can set my mind to things when I want to, becoming relentless in achieving the goal i am after. Nevertheless, I am always willing to let somebody else take charge and express their points and ideas as well. Overall, I want the success of others and myself. I want my teammates and the projects I am a part of to function at their full potential and be realized as what they are meant to be: nothing short of spectacular.


At The Tangency Foundation I am the current Executive Secretary and Director of Operations. As this position, I  am responsible for providing clerical and administrative support and preparing confidential and sensitive documents, among other duties. A main responsibility of mine is to ensure that the day to day operations of our project are running smoothly; I review the multiple programs and observe how they interact and how they can be improved.

I have always had an interest in legal concepts; law runs in the family. The foundation hopes to improve the well-being of the Indigenous Peoples throughout the world by ensuring their rights are not infringed upon. Additionally, I am a firm believer in both social equity and equality regardless of race or gender so the opportunity to help those being discriminated against peaked my interest. I hope that our foundation is able to make a lasting change in the lives of the peoples we hope to help and encourages other young people to fight for what they believe in. Nevertheless, the legal aspect of this project also prompted my participation into The Tangency Foundation. Along with helping others, I also hope to expand my legal knowledge and build connections in that field. .