Eyes fall ever-more favourable on your skin; the care in saying your name, an unfamiliar sound to me. That you have never been denied, for water, land, or culture - for rights, rights that do not seem earned with merely human blood. I wonder how often you’ve known a friendly face from what they call a “different race.” I want the same smiles as you, the same handshakes, where my hand is human, not scaley, alien. If people understood that I - and those like me - do not lose hope in the rest of the world, but lose love for ourselves, I wonder if I’d ever see that smile.

Human minds are of beautiful design - the ability to gather and store great quantities of information on a variety of subjects, understanding the context of events in a timeline expanding since before they were born, is a concept that reveals the inner workings of the mind itself. We make connections with people, and over time, we learn more about these people we have let into our lives. This process works in reverse.

We connect with people that we know a lot about, for the most part - that knowledge transfers into trust. It is hypothesized that much of the reasoning for discrimination is because of a lack of knowledge and awareness about other groups, creating a barrier between them. This discrimination does not always show itself in hostile action, or even obvious prejudice - but it is evident in a great part of our daily lives: apathy.

Remember the last time you saw an ASPCA commercial and you switched the channel before the signature melody came on? We've rationalized this as the effects not being tangible, evident in immediate lives - I mean how could it be? The people you're donation is supporting live so far away, and you don't know exactly who they are. That's the anti-basis for our methodology at The Tangency Foundation - we aim to inform the public about indigenous peoples so that they feel a greater connection to them and in turn are more likely to support the social equity movement targeted towards indigenous peoples worldwide.

Through Expedition: International Chorus we at The Tangency Foundation hope to create new media for the awareness of social equity. Through partnering with the Whispering Wishes Foundation in India, a nonprofit designed to raise the quality of life, we are coming closer to realizing our goal.