Sprouting from opposite ends of the world, our team is bringing together the passion that drives the movement forward.

Tomer Zilbershtein - Executive Director//Founder at The Tangency Foundation


Chandan Lahiri - Founder at Whispering Wishes Foundation

A self-made survivalist most at home out in the wilderness. If there is one thing that he dislikes is being in the company of men in fancy suits and coiffured women. He eats pretty much whatever walks, crawls, swims, flies or slithers, cooked on a crackling campfire. He thinks he can play the harmonica, but no one within earshot agrees with him. He also makes films and apart from paddling for 6,000km, will also be the Anchor, Cameraman, Producer, Director and Spot Boy as he drifts Down The Amazon.

Ryan Lamonde -  M.A. Student at Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado

I am passionate about living, learning, the outdoors, and using my gifts to help others. I am currently working in a psychology graduate program with an emphasis on wilderness therapy. I enjoy being challenged and challenging other people to grow and look at the world from a new perspective. From traveling throughout the world and having an open mind, I have come to appreciate beauty, love, creativity, and community in many different ways. I hope to continue to live fully, follow my passions, and connect meaningfully with others.