Usually the words from the frontier are evasive to the crowds, and hearing about the plight of people who have trouble getting heard can be a difficult task. The Tangency Foundation is proud to connect the front lines and those of us back home so that we may share the message with everyone. We organize video conferences with tribe spokespeople, national and foreign ambassadors, activists, and political organizers, connecting them with thousands of others through live online-viewing and post-conference videos, as well as organizing talks with student groups and professional groups.

The political stage is a dynamic, ever changing climate where information never stays fresh for too long. As such, staying informed can be difficult when news outlets don't favor this sultry information. Though ignoring the situation can be easier for some people, it only allows for the continuation of commonplace practices that are readily deteriorating the rich and diverse cultural climate of South America. Speaking with national and foreign ambassadors, and political correspondents, allows people to capture a new perspective on the inner workings of legislation and progress from the government side of things. This is invaluable to those of us trying to lobby legislators to voice their opinions on an international stage.

When it comes to establishing an emotional connection to the people we are trying to help, to give the perspective and the call to arms that inspires us first hand, talking to spokespeople for various tribes, and in many cases the indigenous peoples themselves, can be a life-changer. The diverse body of Indigenous Peoples ready to speak their stories and of their heritage, the natives all around the world who must protect against resource extraction in life-or-death situations, the many living in cities, forced to update their ways to fit modern, western-style culture, these are the people we will be arranging calls with to give you a eye into the worlds far removed from our own.

Finally, speaking with fellow activists is a great way to organize local events and meet new people that may help you share the message with those in your city!