Whether you want to join us for a clean up, an educational activity, or simply want to go an an educational hike, our team of volunteers at the Tangency Foundation is here to help make that a reality. We are always looking for people to join us in our wide-range of activities, including community demonstrations, academic presentations, scenic hikes, environmental clean ups, and even arts and crafts! We offer community service hours and have internship positions available.

We encourage people from all over to contact us about volunteer opportunities - particularly with the mindset to set up their own campaigns wherever they are, because there are environmental issues all over the planet, and we work best on the ones we're connected to. If you have noticed issues of concern in your area, The Tangency Foundation can help you organize volunteers, campaigns, media, and more to bring about change!

If you would like to learn more about what we do, feel free to leave us a message and we can get back to you as soon as possible!



Join us at a local school to introduce students to the unique topography and biodiversity of their locale, as well as presenting on various STEM topics, from careers to innovations to projects that they can take part in!


Take to the trails to remove plastics, glass, and a variety of other debris. Found something unusual or bizarre? Share the find on social media and tag @tangencyfoundation to have your treasure added to our Crazy Cleanup Treasure Chest!



If you're a creator and have a love for the great outdoors or STEM (or both!), then join us in creating educational content! Want to star in your own expositional Youtube debut? Get some screen-time working alongside other volunteers on media projects!


Are you a STEManiac? If building displays for erosion and weathering sounds like a fun Sunday afternoon for you, we could really benefit from your time with us! Help us bring STEM into the minds of the student youth, and open them up to careers in the sciences.



Get a group together and venture onto a local trail! Take pictures, log route info, and share some of the secrets you discover! Inspire others to follow your footsteps into the bush and observe cool phenomena like moss' growing on the north sides of trees, or the differences in spiders' webs! For inquisitive minds, trails offer more than aesethically calming explrations, but with the right eye, can become tinder for your educational fire!

Green Thumb?

Have a love for gardening? Help us grow succulents and various other plants to give to students, to include in our shop, and take a few home yourself! Decorate pots, transfer plants, and grow to your heart's content. Plant sales help support our educational expenses, cleanup costs, and keep the website running! All help is welcome and appreciated!